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Managing a business in a heavily-regulated environment requires constant attention. State and federal legislatures pass new laws, and whether or not a new law is enacted, regulatory authorities can issue new regulations or amend their existing regulations directly impacting your operations.

  • Government regulations
  • Wastewater issues
  • Insufficient funding
  • Environmental contamination
  • Territorial disputes
  • Service contracts

Sorting out the regulatory implications of a new business practice, delivering an existing service, or extending service to new customers can require talking with someone familiar with the ever-changing regulatory landscape.

Our utilities law team helps water, sewer, electric, gas and cable companies navigate industry regulations and represents these utilities before the Indiana Utility Regulation Commission (IURC). We counsel both private and public entities on a number of areas — from regulatory compliance and rate or financing issues to environmental and real estate matters — to help clients obtain necessary authorization.

Helping utility companies manage regulatory risk.
It's what we do.



Environmental law

Governmental affairs

Real estate purchasing, financing

Regulatory approvals

Tax incentives


Utility service contracts

Water and wastewater issues

Zoning and permits